Do you have an emergency?  Is it really an emergency?

Consider these two subjects if you need help right now.

1. If it is severe, or you need help please call POLICE or if unsure how
   to dial police, try ZERO (0) on your phone for assistance

2. If you need support - - as an EMERGENCY please start here


Usually complaints should be fielded two ways:

1. If you have issues with software, technicals on the development or related parts of
   SCREENS, or something along these lines please start here or here

2. If the complaint is not at all related to technology and you need to complain about
   service, please read on related to four key areas to consider about complaining

A. If it is significant, a true emergency because of illness, or possible illness because food
   was bad, or something is wrong then please address issue either with vendor or merchant or
   individual - - or if impossible to reconcile then you should dial ZERO (0) on your phone if
   available to discover: 1. Support services for city or location regarding SANITATION or FOOD
   ILLNESS REPORTS - - or 2. Location should not be visited again and if this was something you
   feel should be given exception to please think it over

B. If your potential complaint is related to a fight or aggression, you can consider if it should
   be addressed and typically 1. If the issue can be resolved, please do so,
2. If the issue cannot
   be resolved and is aggressive and repetitive, please either call POLICE or dial ZERO (0) if
   available to find resources based on the subject of your complaint

C. If complaint is related to messages you are receiving, please note that by default, SCREENS
   will not send messages and does not have a mechanism for receiving interpersonal messages.
   Unless you have extension or have permitted direct messaging, then you may be receiving a
   message you do not want.  If so, consider removing extension, restarting SCREENS from scratch,
   or dial ZERO (0) if problem is severe to address issue appropriately...

D. If NONE OF THE ABOVE is related to complaint, either dial ZERO (0) to query telephone
   assistance regarding the matter, or, alternatively, something in our library may be of
   assistance here

Thank you for fielding your messages to either POLICE, TELEPHONE OPERATOR, or visiting the
library for information.  Capient provides limited support thru information on this page if
you have an emergency.  If the nature of the emergency is severe, please always start with
POLICE if you really need help.


POLICE should only be reached if you have a question or problem that is relevant to these
areas.  Please do not contact POLICE if you do not have a real emergency.

1. If issue is about violence
2. If issue is about credible harassment
3. If issue is about repeated messages you do not like



Being nice is easy.  Going with the flow.
Understanding people and understanding sometimes you
cannot solve every problem.  Remember, people
are very different from one to the next!  We tend
to think of this as builders as GREAT, NEAT, STRANGE,
AWFUL, WICKED, and GREATERGOOD.  This is because,
if you read this and thought you had an emergency then
maybe it wasn't so bad after all.  Your consideration
for others, giving some slack, and making people feel
like they are important and giving extra heart is very
good.  One more thing, as builders, we tend to think
If you like what you see and want more of it then please
keep your eyes or hearts on the next release.

Thank you.

UPDATED 27 NOVEMBER 2016 @ 22:15 UTC

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