Impersonators? Who's behind the mask?

At Capient we take software piracy and trademark
infringement seriously.

Beginning in 2001 Capient has perfected its trade-art
and published many works revolving around SCREENS
and ongoing initiatives.

Should works of digital art (i.e. logomarks, etc.) be
ripe for the picking by villains? Who can assure you
if your download of SCREENS is the real deal?

At Capient, project SCREENS will contain steps to verify
it is authentic. All works delivered by Capient will
include watermarkings to validate authenticity as well
as digital authenticators. If you have any concerns as
to source of download, please be aware of Capient policy
regarding software stamped as authentic:

1. You should check the source. Is it trustworthy?
2. Does the software by Capient appear legitimate?
3. Are there missing portions or features?
4. Do you sense something is amiss or strange?

Please consider that you may have an illegitimate
Capient product.

Capient will never directly provide software, including
core product or toolkits directly to end-users. Software
distributed under SCREENS moniker will always contain
validation steps to verify it is truly software
designed by builders of SCREENS. SCREENS 2.0 or just
SCREENS should not only contain validation steps but
verifications from distributors software does not contain
viruses or malware of any sorts.

Software distributors should consider end-users may wish
to validate software authenticity on their own and should
compare authentication with those provided by Capient.
Before you worry too much, please take heed that no matter
what, Capient's promise to ensure you can find real software
will be continuous and available at official Capient
domains listed here.

Back to the matter at hand ... As far as trademarks and
copyright matters are concerned, all answers can be found
here on position of Capient regarding senior use of
SCREENS logo and name.

Further branding should always be considered as rightful
first use from 2006 development and 2007 launch of

Thanks for visiting and understanding Capient's position
on impersonations. While frankly flattering ... people
should, and you should take seriously any contemptuous
uses of anything you personally ... or as a business
developed and published first.