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Question: Is this the official Capient website?

Answer: This domain is provided as linkage only. Information provided only refers to places where further info can be found, such as the
Google search engine.


Question: How do I know if I have software considered original, derived by THE BUILDERS?

Answer: Distributions will contain marks, such as invisible watermarks and descriptions for where they may be located. Further, common
verifications will always accompany genuine software. For further information please ask if your software can be
traced to original builders release.


Question: Do places using CAPIENT name provide guarantees or are selling BUILDERS tools or toolsets?

Answer: No, any business representing itself using the name do not have affiliations to software by the builders, or were created in context
to any new venture by THE BUILDERS after dissolution of Capient, Inc. circa 2001. Use of term CAPIENT is granted where it
does not claim senior use as software builder of SCREENS or further public releases of such.


Question: Who are the builders and can I find out information about them?

Answer: Nope. This is part of the privacy embedded into project. However, some information is provided with details about history
as supplemental Easter Eggs. If you find an easter egg, be sure to tell others. Builders are requesting privacy
which includes Name, Address, and contact information. Publication of this information is restricted and not
granted for any reason. A full privacy statement is available at non-official brochure Websites for SCREENS
and also included in project itself. This privacy is the same care and level of privacy offered to end-users,
where visitor logs, detailed descriptions or relationship contracts are by default made private.


Question: Is the twitter feed provided here considered latest information?

Answer: No. That feed was established as a benchmark listing that likely will remain rarely modified. If you want you can visit
this link to see how Capient, Inc. started in its full corporate form which later was disbanded. The directions
decided on by the 2007-Present builders elected to modify course to an Individual and Independent form.


Question: Can I find information about Capient, Inc. or later contact Capient, Inc. founders?

Answer: Usually not. Information published about creation or changes to structure are matter of public disclosure, however,
any and all information found are archival only. No grant or release is made after the fact for engagement
in any business sense. By visiting archived Websites, you can discover interesting information about the
history of SCREENS. Builders do commit to initially re-releasing informational domains that reflect the
archived history of Capient, Inc. as well as its original direction. Now these days, organizers and developer
interests are considered independent and affiliated to the extent such relationship persists.

Welcome to builders-group works and discovering information after fifteen+ years active as Capient, Incorporated (C2001).



Question: Is this a company operated franchise or business?

Answer: No. Builders group are independent professionals, and subject to personal relationship are associated by interest only.


Question: Do you have a link to project? Is SCREENS ready?

Answer: This is a placeholder and will be removed when SCREENS is ready. You can find relevant information on progress at links
provided on this page and elsewhere.



Question: Do builders receive messages for business ventures, or publication requests such as interviews?

Answer: Yes and no. General inquiries regarding support are self-service only and may be found on relevant unofficial websites.

Direct messages may be possible and are tendered to end-builder if he or she wishes to engage. This is a provision

based on their independent status with regards to whether or not they are doing business with someone else.


Question: Are and other domains updated frequently? What about support?

Answer: Basic support is provided through original unofficial references, such as links off this domain. If you encounter a Web

brochure offering official support then it is not part of builders group. All official support documents are provided

within the project SCREENS and only considered official if confirmable release includes the distribution.
Support found

online although technically written for the project may be outdated, modified by third-parties, or considered unreliable.


Question: Are or related web domains going to stay up?

Answer: Every attempt will be made to renew domains and provide ongoing publishing of documents. For archival purposes some

pages may be found through third-party archival services. Determination if they are relevant or valid can be made by

end-user, or through any support forums that may provide assistance. Technical documents contained within project

SCREENS originating from The Builders will be certifiable using technically relevant means, such as this or this

to confirm validity. Documents published however may be helpful if they have support from credible sources. Only

if you are sure you can trust online website sources should you consider information reliable, such as through a

paid-support medium.
The Builders have provided best attempt to start project with best information available at

time of release, and ways to confirm software is valid and true for the far future.


Hello - Welcome

Hello - Welcome

Hello - Welcome