1. On Pleasures
2. On Abuses
3. Original?
4. Purpose?

Capient was formed on principle of being a corporation that
would deliver results. Sometimes it failed. It has not been
a perfect road. But these early days were learning experiences.

The methods developed over years and years have been put
into a product called SCREENS which touches on six key areas
of human exploration:

1. Creating a system which lets people decide outcomes that
   are self-driven, based on realistic possibility it can work,
   and very dynamic. Outcomes financially driven or not, those
   are choices that can lead a person, group, or something to
   new levels - or expected greats. Or just expected.

2. Crafting pleasures of the mind and body, where people who
   know how to do it can

3. Development of cycles of experiences that transcend not
   just what a business could become with the right tools - but
   something even better where new worlds that may become
   available do so in the later Future of mankind

4. Something simple that we all know, that is focused on
   spirit of innovation - company building - and personnel
   development — being the finest, brightest, or best at
   art or a specific task

5. Very level headed working specifics in tune with culture,
   heros, and what people want to remember!

6. And finally, spirited adventures revolving around how
   people know they want to be looked at, from perspective
   of success, long term sustainability, and goodness


These are very different and specific drill-downs into
what Capient is about, and what are working experiences
over time have showed us will probably last lifetimes
and beyond.

"What about religious fears or change?"
"What about censorship or problems?"
"History of SCREENS (Updated)"

Published On September 21, 2017