Usage as a developer (such as a business developer) may be considered fully,
partially, or otherwise fully exempt from liability based on activities
mentioned on this page.

When developing, the SCREENS model is for any and all SCREENS license
requirements to be tendered to end-user of SCREENS itself. This would be
even if user is leveraging software for personal or business use, before
any third-party inclusions. However, your particular scenario may create
different circumstances where liability may be tendered to developer,
or may under your approach put more or less liability based on direct
involvement in ultimate end-user decision making.

As a developer, any special payments or side enrichment is completely yours.
Capient does not require or stipulate any "Royalty" or certain payments
to be attached to SCREENS.

For example, if a developer found a novel use for SCREENS where a third-
party might access their independent services or software connected then such
separate activity outside of SCREENS is considered a different track
of new activity. As such the developer may create opportunity that
is considered their fully owned or controlled business entity (for example).

When this occurs, Capient considers this new activity fully tendered
to developer(s). Capient also considers:

1. Developer is completely the owner and rightful receiver of their monies
2. Developer is completely responsible for their use, release, and bugs
3. Developer is completely independent and the logical driver of their support,
   if available
4. Developer should expressly mention in developer documentation
   responsible end-use policy where extensions or connections are occurring

5. Developer is starting point for determination of their involvement in the
   ultimate end-user activity, where for example end-user may physically be led
   or verbally told to take certain actions over SCREENS where tendering of
   responsibility is decided by intent, duress, age, adult involvement, etc.

To put it a different way, any developer misuse or use of any directly
sold or released products or services are:

1. To the fullest extent of law, responsible
2. To the fullest extent of law, protected by any "Safe Harbor" protections,
   such as those which normally protect Websites, Applications, and Services
3. Is a party or group which has full access to and full autonomy over any
   corporations, companies, or labs or other business ways for general
   incorporated entities
4. Is a fully autonomous entity from Capient or subsidiary or derivative
5. Is not responsible for or connected to any tenderings or requirements
   to pay or engage with builders of SCREENS their unique track earnings ever
6. Is still responsible for any SCREENS end-user payments, for standard
   transactions over SCREENS that may normally occur by them, which is
   available and presented thru BILLING within SCREENS







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