When considering if it is fair, think of this benefit concept - - "Does it
help to encourage repeat business, or is it a good cost?".  Outside of the
money concept - - fair can also be equitable exchanges and ongoing honesty.

In shipping or in face-to-face transactions, fairness can extend to quality
and of course, being honest and consistent.  Altogether, such will represent
all who strive to be seen as fair ... as someone who takes such into account.

In practice, fluctuations of business and dishonesty may mar your objective
to be perceived as fair.  While, such may only be perspectives shared by
few, it does make the challenge of being fair difficult sometimes.

Developers who support their projects should consider marketplace as
testing grounds to tune policies to be as fair as possible.


Competence is a very straightforward idea.  Getting it right.  Ensuring no
ambiguous ideas are conveyed and misunderstood.  Writing good documentation.
Being a role model developer or enterprise.

Competence is shared responsibility when more than one developer are on
the task.  It is critical to make room and time to review.  Rushing ahead will
not help when everybody expects your work to be right first time.  This may be
who you are delivering the project to or your future customers!


Goodness is not just from the heart but evoked from your presence.  This type
of goodness is something which people notice and will always understand.  Goodness
can be something which is abstract sometimes.  Goodness will be deep down the
one or more things which define your project.  Always strive to make sure you
know upfront what your goals are.  At least include one or more goals which
are entirely based on proper ways to think and do.  If at the very least,
your goal includes protecting privacy and ensuring fairness - - then you've done it.


Quality control, testing, actual end-user testing, and so on.  Checking and ongoing
tests are one way to make sure it is "OK".  Going beyond is up to you.


Welcome to your way to develop.  A starting point may be spending a day or two
absorbing as much as you can.  Then proceed to developing.  A patient wisdom
minded approach always will work over rushing and delivering your clients a less than
great job.  Worse, it could be not just dissatisfaction but unfortunate issues
that require extra time to correct.  Working this way is one good way to connect
ideas to working process, and then to something which you enjoy doing.  And hopefully
that is what you do as a developer - - to create, to deliver, and to please.

Another thought is to consider the principle of craft as something which helps people
work together.  Helps people connect easier, and helps people to find new
avenues to build and create opportunities.  As a developer you can find many
role models and opportunities with like-minded others.  As something of a good
idea that should be followed - - creating such project with good goals and good
basic plans is one way to get started.  Consider technical development as a
trade which requires patience sometimes, ambition much of the time, and your
utmost desire to make something work.

UPDATED 25 NOVEMBER 2016 @ 18:40 UTC