This is a legal disclosure designed for lawyers or representatives, including
visitors. It is written to be simple to digest and pertains to transactions.

Capient transactions are in context with current state of SCREENS and will
be updated to a VERSION TWO document here when advanced model is live. This
document is official in nature because it is agreed to by Capient Inc. to
transmit. Any individual or group who is not briefed on this document may be
pointed to this document if it is relevant.

First Part

The use of term "CAPIENT" will always be associated to entity ("group") who
developed SCREENS ("services") by Capient, Inc. If or when Capient, Inc. should
no longer exist, the term CAPIENT will be reserved until such time it no
longer is active: Including for Website materials, documentation, or any
information where CAPIENT is referenced.

Second Part

Legal reservations may be presented at places where services are projected.
"Projected Services" ("Any Products, Designs, or Outcomes") will have very
clear documents and steps which are connected to CAPIENT, and include sign-in
or further requirements to enjoin entity ("you") to such Projected Services.

When CAPIENT goes live, any previous understandings that are not documented
will no longer be relevant. This may include conversations, Website materials,
or outdated forms which have expired.

If YOU as CAPIENT'S service contactor, which is when you process any
transaction with CAPIENT do not wish to be enjoined to any service agreement,
normally before taking steps to pay for, accept, or archive should disconnect
and not proceed.

Third Part

Capient has managed relationships prior to launch of SCREENS either by
relationship agreements or understandings. However, SCREENS will contain
license superseding any formal understanding for customers or vendors.
If you have question and want to lookup information please see
www.capient.com/index to find relevant information.


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