Reputation means sixteen things to how operations for Her will
start, continue, and be maintained. This includes design concepts
which are untested, new, and startling. It also includes special
paths which are creative, exciting, special, motivating, and
more. We love the idea of Her as the company known as Capient to
be these things:

1] Able to be perceived as corporate entity with feelings, that
   go beyond "Marketing" but actual vibe, basic-pleasures that
   can be felt, and interactions which result in change

2] Capability to become more than just Something, but Something
   very new & different from computing standpoint & what we
   all hoped for from tech

3] Pursuits which reflect ideas that people have in their heads
   that can be expressed online, activated, & started

4] New pathways created by Her for you as, Friend, Brother, Sister,
   Parent, or Guardian to feel safer -- in all ways and new ways

5] Creative opportunities for Artists, Magicians, and Entertainment
   Experts to express visions in ways never before seen, completely
   new & original, & fresh

6] Positive atmospheres by Her which are the tech-it-is, as connecting
   will be easier to find what you need -- and spirited, nice, fun,
   adventurous, and quality oriented

7] Behavior that we don't like, in the sense of public ways, can
   be policy shaped by you - as customers, vendors, and merchant

8] Very good opportunities to create something over a network
   terminal that lets you explore ideas, and seek out things you
   might be good at — want to explore or test — or get involved
   with in the community

9] Provide quality avenues for people who might have talent
   or resources untapped - to create some new opportunities that
   will be attractive for new customers

10] Guidance systems within the technology Capient produces that
    make it even easier to use less of your time on a daily basis
    sitting in front of a PC, Device, or center of interaction

11] Expressly designed from ground up, as motivating if you want
    it to be - or very innocuous

12] Creative talent that can be hired, found, started, combined,
    and re-generated when you need it - for parties, club-scenes,
    or places you feel are fit

13] Generation of opportunities for Technologists who want to
    spend more time engaging people across worlds of tech -- with
    mountains of pathways to connect into at Capient

14] Possibly the one thing you didn't think of

15] Maybe two or three things you expected

16] And one good idea

It is these things which our builders decided are reputation
focused concepts that: 1. Wants to be remembered by, 2. Wants others
to believe are true & unchanging, 3. Welcoming to see & desired
because it is normal, safe, fun, different, cool, and wild. But beyond
this it is the passion for living and trying something new.

Published On January 24, 2017